The Conference

The Im-patient Conference is a different kind of event. Intended for an audience of pharmaceutical executives, it is entirely designed, created and hosted by patients. It was run twice successfully in October 2018 (London and Philadelphia), and is now planned in Barcelona on March 12-14, 2019.


There are plenty of pharmaceutical conferences, many of which claim to be ‘patient-centric’. However, they are all run with one basic assumption: that pharma companies know what patients want, and that pharma companies should set the agenda.

We think this doesn’t go far enough. The essence of patient centricity is that business models, direction and performance are built around the needs of patients. The only way to be true to this is to put patients themselves in the driving seat.

We hope that one day, any event which claims to be patient-focussed goes beyond simple patient involvement and is, in fact, patient-led. Only then will the im-patient be satisfied!

Beyond conferences

Conferences are only a small part of the pharma ecosystem. We intend for the Im-patient movement to encompass other activities, such as clinical trials, patient support programmes, patient advocacy and marketing initiatives.

The only thing limiting us is our attitude. Are you brave enough to give control to patients? Are you truly authentic?

Where did it all start?

As you might expect, the idea came from a collaborative effort involving patients. It was first proposed during a ‘roundtable’ session hosted by Paul Simms at eyeforpharma Barcelona on 14th March 2018. The first version of the idea came from Katja Ruddell of Shire, a pharma employee who had herself been a patient for many years. The idea was quickly adopted and shared by other patients and pharma employees who were present at the conference, gathering a crowd even before the event ended. The name ‘im-patient’ was proposed by Mark Duman.